The fair, consistent, and accessible Insurance Commissioner
North Dakotans deserve. 


I am honored to run to be your next North Dakota Insurance Commissioner. The most vital job I can fulfill in this role is to ensure the consumers of North Dakota are properly protected and educated about the insurance they purchase. You can count on me to guarantee our insurance companies are solvent and able to pay claims when they are called upon, without pricing consumers out of the market.  

It is critical that your next Insurance Commissioner uphold an industry that is equitable to providers.  I have the experience to work with providers to create a marketplace that is consistently administered, but yet flexible enough to allow for competition and innovation.  Businesses thrive on certainty and my promise to the insurance industry is to be fair, reasonable, and accessible. 

Working with licensing agents and producers is also essential. These individuals are on the front lines, meeting with consumers, explaining policies, and making the numbers work. My office will be accessible to consumers and agents alike. It’s important that agents know their Insurance Commissioner and know I am open to their ideas.  And, just as I hope to be a resource for agents, some of the best resources I will call upon are those individuals who are out in the business world, working with insurance products on day-to-day basis.

If elected, I will work hard for you, the citizens of North Dakota, to be the fair, consistent, and accessible Insurance Commissioner you deserve.


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